About Me

Zinnia Siegel is a photographer and visual artist devoted to creating whimsical photo collections which focus on color and narrative. She captures the essence of life by highlighting the singularity and richness of small moments. Whether previsualized or documentary, Siegel’s goal is to emphasize the miracle of existing in our world.

Siegel has been a student photographer since 2016, beginning her journey with black and white film portraiture. Later switching to digital, she began photographing her travels, adventures, friends, and surroundings. She enjoys producing thematic portrait collections with carefully posed models and meticulous editing just as well as creating spontaneous street and adventure photography. 

At age sixteen, Siegel began shooting freelance portraits and events in 2020, basing her work in Southern Vermont. With her sights set on a career in photojournalism, Siegel continues to explore the art and expand her photographic capabilities by pursuing her Associate of the Arts degree at an early college program in Massachusetts. 


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